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Niwaki S-Type Hori Hori + Canvas Holster

Niwaki S-Type Hori Hori + Canvas Holster

Niwaki - Made in Japan

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Niwaki S-Type Hori Hori + Canvas Holster, your ultimate gardening companion. Crafted with Japanese precision, this versatile tool serves as an all-in-one weeder, planter, and bulb-planting powerhouse. Its carbon steel blade seamlessly extends into the handle, ensuring unparalleled durability and strength for all your gardening needs.

From planting bulbs to meticulous weeding and everything in between, this Hori Hori trowel excels in various gardening tasks. Plus, with the included tough canvas holster, you can conveniently carry and protect your tool wherever you go.

Experience the ease and efficiency of Niwaki's S-Type Hori Hori, designed to elevate your gardening experience to new heights.

Product Details

Niwaki S-Type Hori Hori
300 x 45 x 20mm
170mm blades
Stainless Steel
Beech handles
Made in Sanjo, Japan

Hori Hori Canvas Sheath
281 x 75mm
169mm blades
16oz Canvas
Made in China

Care Instructions

To prevent rust from developing, we advise that you wipe dry and apply Camellia Oil after use.

Sharpening after a period of use is advised to ensure your tools stay in good condition.
We recommend using the Niwaki Sharpening Stone #1000 as it’s best for general sharpening.

• Do not cut wire, metal, stone, plastic or any other hard material.
• Use the base of the blades, not the tips, for heavier cuts.
• Remove leaf resin, rust and gunk with a Crean Mate and water.
• Dry, wipe over with Camellia Oil and store in a dry place.
• Sharpen every couple of weeks.

Do not put the Hori Hori into hard ground and yank back hard - it will bend.

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