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Niwaki Zenbu Pouch

Niwaki Zenbu Pouch


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Multipurpose Double Leather Pouch - Good for a bit of everything. 

Quite where you draw the line at pouch size and pocket quantity is always a bit of a chestnut. Do you go as big as possible, the more the merrier? Or compact and minimal? Somewhere, we feel, there lies a sweet spot that satisfies all but the most demanding, a spot so sweet that a folding saw, a pair of clippers, some secateurs or perhaps something else completely, can live in harmony together - practically, elegantly, without adding bulk and without looking silly.

This then, is the Zenbu Pouch. Ripe for a bit of personal customisation and good for a bit of everything.

Product Details

295 x 172mm
3mm Leather
Made in China

Care Instructions

Niwaki leather products can come with the odd scuff or natural blemish - that’s part of the material and in no way affects the quality.

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